Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Dream for the Future

I'm dreaming of

fresh country air ::  swinging on the porch  ::  lemonade  ::  sewing my own clothing  ::  a modest, clean farmhouse  ::  rows of organic vegetables  ::  clean clothes drying in the breeze  ::  old fashioned values  ::  apple trees and blackberry brambles  ::  knitting  :: comfortable quilts  ::  kids running barefoot in the grass  ::  homeschooling under a shade tree  ::  soap making  ::  herbs in the windowsill  ::  fresh baked bread  ::  chickens running free in the yard  ::  self-sufficiency  ::  family time  ::  dinner at the table  ::  handmade holidays  ::  a night sky full of stars  ::  no neighbors for miles and miles

One day....

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