Not too long ago, I started this blog because I wanted a safe place to document my creative journeys I've been blogging in a much more personal way for the past decade at an internet journaling site, OpenDiary, so I figured the switch to creative and more public writing would be an easy transition. 

Honestly, it hasn't been. 

I struggle with time management, especially these days when I have so many responsibilities. Parenting, teaching, working, managing a home on a small amount of time and a smaller budget... All that hard work leaves little time for being creative, let alone blogging about it. But I crave the freedom and the emotional outlet that creating brings me. Crafting is therapy around here, and I simply need to start making it a priority. 

At the same time, though, my life is about so much more than my creative pursuits! It's about homeschooling and parenting triumphs and struggles. It's late nights and early mornings and the (mostly) inadequate sleep in between. It's listening to music on the way to work and writing fiction in my head on the way home. My life is made up of so many beautiful, challenging, inspiring things, and I want to share them all! 

I don't want this blog to be just a crafting blog or just a homeschooling blog when my life is so much bigger than any one thing. So you can expect an eclectic mix of posts around here, the flavor of which will vary according to what I'm knee-deep in at any given moment. Knitting, teaching phonics, funny kid anecdotes, photography techniques - it's all fair game! 

I hope you'll enjoy reading, and I hope you'll visit often. After all, what's life without a bunch of good friends to share it with?

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